Opensource project aiming to provide a new way to build quickly Java EE and rich IT applications:

  • Reduce IT risk factors by cutting down development costs and completion time.
  • Efficiency, flexibility and maintainability are ensured by the modular architecture (OSGi) and assembly of components.
  • Easy to learn and to use, the framework is intended to every developer without particular skills.

Based on Eclipse 4.3 Kepler, Adichatz provides plugins designed for building simple or complex data-driven applications in Eclipse RCP in front of an Application Server or in JSE context.

In 2 minutes, create your first JEE Eclipse Application and then customize it.

  • Create a RCP application linked to an application server (Jboss), providing navigators, editors and outline parts to query and manipulate objects of the database schema in less than 2 minutes.
  • Queries can be customized and stored by end-users.
  • Runtime and Development environments communicate together in order to ensure that modifications can be quickly tested without quitting application.
  • Databinding, lazy loading, validation process, locks management, dirty status, and consistency are ensured by Databinding Service.
  • Swaps with server-side are optimized thanks to the internal Application Data Cache.

Adichatz provides tools to ensure ease of use and to propose a component-based approach for recursive developments.

  • Easy to use: Any developer can take the product in hand without particular skills.
  • Recursivity: Much of the work could be done in recursive and customizable batches.
  • Rich and flexible: All Adichatz components are extensible and reusable.
  • Productivity booster: Components assembly ensures efficiency and robustness.
  • Standard: Use standard and leader technologies : OSGi compliant, Java, Hibernate…

Many other features exist. Go into this website to discover them.

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