You can easily extend components provided automatically by generated classes. This is a very important feature for Adichatz.

Suppose that we want the foreground color of field description to change when length of the text is greater than 90.

At least, two possibilities are provided by Adichatz:

Create a listener in the XML FilmDIGENERATED.axml file.

Listeners provides a very effective and simple way to add behaviors to your application. Several categories of listeners allows you to add code during running application:

  • Life cycle: fired at specific times of the life cycle of the controller
  • Control: fired when value changes due to user actions.
  • Entity: Listen to event on entities (lock, change status…)

see Create a listener.

Extends a Controller

Element described by XML file are controllers which are composition of UI widgets. These controllers could be easily extended and their extension could replace the original controller. Controller extension is very useful when you have to bring cumbersome behaviors. It is heavily used to build Adichatz XJC and Scenario editors which manage all *.axml and Scenario.xml files.
see Extend a controller.

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