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 +You can easily extend components provided automatically by generated classes. This is a very important feature for Adichatz.
 +Suppose that we want the foreground color of field description to change when length of the text is greater than 90.
 +At least, two possibilities are provided by Adichatz:
 +=== Create a listener in the XML FilmDIGENERATED.axml file. ===
 +Listeners provides a very effective and simple way to add behaviors to your application.
 +Several categories of listeners allows you to add code during running application:​
 +    * Life cycle: fired at specific times of the life cycle of the controller
 +    * Control: fired when value changes due to user actions.
 +    * Entity: Listen to event on entities (lock, change status...)
 +    * ...
 +see [[create_listener|Create a listener]].
 +=== Extends a Controller ===
 +Element described by XML file are controllers which are composition of UI widgets. These controllers could be easily extended and their extension could replace the original controller.
 +Controller extension is very useful when you have to bring cumbersome behaviors. It is heavily used to build Adichatz XJC and Scenario editors which manage all <wrap adicode>​*.axml</​wrap>​ and <wrap adicode>​Scenario.xml</​wrap>​ files.\\
 +see [[extend_controller|Extend a controller]].
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