Adichatz Installation contains binary distribution and source distribution. Both are included in Eclipse plugins. The Adichatz project is licenced under the CeCILL-C license.


  • Java version 7.
  • Eclipse 4.5 Mars Eclipse standard 4.4 for Windows.
  • Mysql (recommended) or another RDMBS. Optionnally, test database for Mysql is provided here.
  • Optionnaly, Wildfly 9.0 (recommended), Jboss 7.1.1 or 4.2.3, if you want to use an Application Server back-end.

Use 'drag to install' (1rst option)

  1. Start eclipse.
  2. Drag button inside your eclipse workspace.

Install from Eclipse update site (2nd option)

  1. Start eclipse, then start the Install Manager: Help > Install new software… .
  2. in the “Work with” field, paste and hit enter.
  3. Select Adichatz Application Development then hit next…

Adichatz plugins are also available on Sourceforge download site but you may pay attention to required plugins. In this case, it works with Eclipse 4.5 Mars, choose Eclipse for RCP and RAP developer or Eclipse IDE for java developers.

Next steps

After you have installed Adichatz, you can follow these steps.

  • Install a SQL database (MySql recommended).
  • Install an Application Server (optional). Wildfly 9.0.x is recommended, see Application Server installation.
  • Read the complete get_started document you will find here and try examples.
  • Look for information on this site.
  • Generate and launch your first application (2 minutes).
  • Customize the generated application.
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